With modern times come modern problems. Social networks, IM chatting, phone cameras, text messaging and geo location are all technologies that are not only enabling more bully conduct, but actually inviting the behavior by making it easier. Youth are able to hide behind a screen and don’t realize that all of their behavior is recorded. You can learn how to stop cyberbullying and to prevent the use of technology for abusive and destructive purposes.


Mean Girls

We can be BFF or we can be Mean Girls. What reputation would you rather have? Our hormones change so frequently and our moods change with them, but we control our actions. When you say something mean, look at the other person’s eyes. What do their eyes tell you? (Or are they hiding the pain in their eyes?) Do you see pain or sadness? Then STOP! Rewind, be kind. You don’t have to be a BFF but DON’T be a Mean Girl. Your reputation will follow you through life.


BARE was honored by Orange County Board of Education