There are many potential distractions in a school setting, but fear of bullying is one that is simply unacceptable. At the same time, nearly every school in the United Sates has this problem and many schools are not being effective in the efforts to stop the growing epidemic of bullying. The classroom is the educator’s domain and in this location, there is a clear responsibility for teachers to be able to recognize and address any bullying behavior that is taking place. Failure to do so creates an environment that not only jeopardizes productivity of the students, but can also be a real physical or emotional danger.

BARE knows that you want to eliminate bullying conduct from your classrooms and your schools. Inviting a dynamic presenter that empowers change and won’t come just once, can help. Getting inservice training from professionals can be very beneficial. BARE has professional trainers who can give you practical and effective techniques to use in your classroom and your school campus. BARE has dynamic programs that are most effective when implemented through student leaders and staff leaders. BARE stays involved as long as you need them, and empowers you to be self sufficient while continuing to diminish bully incidents in your school. BARE provides alternative discipline types of programs. Do you want to see those identified as a bully become Leaders of Change? BARE can help you do that.

Seth’s Law (AB 9) is effective July 1, 2012, and requires every district/county board of education to have bully prevention policies with certain requirements such as complaint procedure, timeline, appeal procedures, and key concepts such as prohibition of retaliation for anyone making a complaint or being a witness for a complaint. Founder, discrimination and harassment attorney, Deborah Reisdorph has prepared the “Administrator’s Guide to Bully Prevention Policies California 2012” It is a simple, yet extensive set of 10 steps to an effective bully prevention policy using the new law requirements and best practices approach. Go to CONTACT US page and send a message to get an electronic copy.

The reason that many educators choose not to become involved in a bullying situation is not because they don’t care, but rather that they are not adequately trained to deal with the problem. Initiating a school-wide prevention program with training for educators will take the lack of preparation out of the equation and give teachers the knowledge they need to respond properly. Any educator or school that would like to learn how to regain control of their classrooms and put an end to bullying is invited to contact BARE to learn more about our services and how we can help.

BARE was founded by a Discrimination and Harassment attorney who provides interactive and engaging training sessions that are memorable and repeatable. Ask to meet Deborah S Reisdorph, or see her website,

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