Grades 1-6

Being the target of a bully can be scary when they try to hurt you or your friends at school. It can be embarrassing and even when you tell someone about it, you might not get the help you want or need. But be sure to report what is happening to a trusted adult, whether your parent, or a teacher at school.

The thing to remember is that you are not alone against the bullies. There are probably many kids just like you who are tired of being picked on, but don’t know what to do. Be a friend to have a friend. When you become a friend you can stand up together against bully conduct, but do so safely at all times. It is best to stand up as a group against a bully. When you speak up against a bully, other students will join you most of the time. Keep your chin up, and be confident that kindness is cool.

If someone is bullying you, don’t keep it to yourself, but believe in yourself too. Talk to a trusted adult, and your school will have a way to report bullying incidents. Look for the posted policy in your school after July 1, 2012, the law requires a posting of the school’s policy.

Also, if you want to help people that are bullied, the best way is to be a friend to someone you see is often being bullied. You can make a difference, but do so safely, and it is best to make friends in groups. Each one of you is unique and your uniqueness is what makes you special. When you see someone being a bully, report it. Teachers are more willing to help. Remember there is a difference between tattling and telling. When you are tattling you are trying to get someone into trouble. When your telling, you are trying to get someone out of trouble.

Does your class understand what bullying really is? If you have not had someone explain it clearly to you, ask your teacher to provide a definition, or bring in a speaker who can help you understand. BARE has speakers who will come to your classroom. Go to CONTACT US page to ask for a speaker, and have permission from your teacher to give her information, or better, have your teacher visit this website.