The school is meant to be a safe place where students can learn the knowledge and develop the social skills that will form the foundation of their adult life. On the long road to graduation, there are many obstacles that can change the calm of the classroom into terror, including bullies that thrive on fear and dominance. When bully conduct is allowed to continue without recourse, the problem becomes a school epidemic, with large numbers of students taking extreme measures, such as staying home, to avoid the bullying behavior.

In short, the school is no place for bully conduct to exist. Students will need to learn the right ways of coping with bully conduct and to not be afraid about telling authority figures when they are not able to handle the problem on their own. BARE can help by bringing in outside specialists as interactive speakers and as educators both for students and school faculty. Because bullying is often a hidden problem, the act of bringing awareness to the subject and teaching students and their parents how to react will make long strides in eradicating bullying behavior from the school. With one of our professional speakers, all people involved will be able to start on the same page and work together to make bullying conduct a thing of the past.

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