To put an end to bullying, the pivotal figures will always be YOU, the parents or primary caregivers. Essentially, the act of bullying or allowing oneself to be bullied is a response to a person’s specific needs of Love/Connection and Significance not being met. A child that does have parents or caregivers who insure that the child’s needs in this regard are met, is much less likely to resort to bullying techniques and will not allow bullying behavior to continue without confronting the issue or reporting it to the correct authorities. With children following the examples of their elders, it is imperative that parents recognize how their actions may be interpreted by their children and transformed into bullying. Align your own perspectives.

Be a Confidence builder for your child. Building your child’s confidence will go a long to help them resist the bully epidemic. Enrolling in a sports or musical programs are a great way to build confidence. Also participating in a martial arts program has great benefits to children of all ages. One recommended martial arts program is Bob White’s Kenpo Karate. Whatever your child’s passion is, encourage it, stoke the fire within. This level of confidence will empower your child to resist the bully conduct that he or she encounters any time.

Parents must Connect to Protect. The role that parents must fill to make sure to change bullying behavior can change dramatically on a case by case basis, but discussion of the issue will certainly be a core part of any strategy. Understanding that there is a problem is the first step towards change and BARE specialists are available for coaching and education services that will help parents deal with the underlying issues that are responsible for bullying or being bullied.

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