In The Community

Outside of the school setting, we all bear the responsibility of making our neighborhoods free from the effects of bullying. Proper education will prepare everyone in the community to be able to accurately identify bullying behavior and either provide a direct intervention or communicate the problem effectively to the right people in order to stop it. While it is much easier to sit back and think that bullying is someone else’s problem, the truth is that it affects all of us and allowing it to continue only escalates the issue to a level that can endanger the physical safety of children and stunt emotional growth for both the bullies and their victims.

The BARE educational materials and services are available to any community that would like to stop bullying and create a more positive atmosphere for the neighborhood to flourish. With an entire community on the same page about bullying, it is easily possible to change the behavior of those that bully and make the community a safer and more enjoyable place to live. We welcome the opportunity to work with the members of a local community to inform local residents about the problem, teach intervention techniques, and create action plans that will bring an end to this national epidemic.

BUSINES OWNERS, you can sponsor a program that resists bullying in a local school, you can sponsor a dynamic assembly speaker, or just donate for bully awareness and resistance programs. Go to CONTACT US page, and we will provide you information about how to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your community by a sponsorship through BARE. No pressure, just valuable information.

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